ALHUDA MISWAK ( kayu siwak)

Miswak is being used in place of tooth brush for centuries. Benefits of miswak make it one of the most popular and natural ways for cleaning teeth. It does not only clean the teeth but it also prevents them from many diseases. It improves the overall dental health. Miswak is full of amazing properties and is an excellent aid for oral hygiene. It works as an antibiotic and prevents the teeth from any bacterial attack. It also prevents and cures a gum disease, known as gingivitis which occurs due to bacterial activities. It helps in eradication of plaque which is one of the reasons behind gingivitis. It also reduces the chance of periodontitis.

After eating any meal if miswak is done, it clears out all the remaining of the food from the mouth and keeps the mouth clean which is necessary for good oral health. It prevents the accumulation of oral cavity and promotes oral health. It has a tendency to clear out all the hazardous particles and reduces the risk of developing plaque. Lack of fluoride is one of the reasons for decaying of teeth. Miswak is full of fluoride which works on the surface of teeth to prevent them from decay. It forms a shield on teeth which stops decaying bacteria to do the job. Due to unhealthy eating habits, bad breath or odor has becomes a common problem. Even though its main cause is upset stomach but ill oral health is also the reason. Regular use of miswak eliminates the bad odor. The smell of miswak itself is very pleasant which remains in the mouth for long and keeps breath fresh and free from odor.

When one eats meat or any other fiber food, its small particles usually get stuck in between the teeth. If they remain there, they can cause serious issues in oral and dental health. Using miswak, cleans out these particles easily without letting them cause any harm. There is no need to apply tooth paste, simple pick your miswak stick, chew it and start getting rid of leftovers of food. Miswak is an excellent replacement for those mints filled gums and candies. These candies can only kill around 4% of the germs where as miswak can kill up to 60% germs.

How to use miswak?
How to use miswak is the first question which comes in to the mind of those who are not familiar with it. Using miswak is no rocket science and anyone can use it easily. Before starting to do miswak one thing should be kept in mind that the size of the miswak twig should not be greater than 6 to 8 inch. When you get a miswak and you are ready to use it first of all wash it nicely with your drinking water. Next, start chewing it from one end, keep chewing it till its fiber becomes separated. Once the fibers are separated, one can start using it like a toothbrush. Take it into your mouth move up, down, left and right, just like a toothbrush is used. After finishing, wash your mouth with normal water. This is it!a

price  : 20.000 Rupiah/ piece